Bayfield Printing is aware of and concerned about our carbon footprint on the environment. In a conscious effort to reduce our environmental impact, we have partnered with our suppliers to use environmentally sustainable products.

Where possible we utilise sustainable forest managed products that are elemental and chlorine free in manufacture, carbon neutral or have a recycled content, so that you can be assured that through your business dealing with us, our impact on the environment is being reduced when possible.

At Bayfield Printing we have made an environmental commitment to practice work methods that are environmentally sustainable. We ensure to recycle paper waste and use soy based inks in printing and we have installed equipment which is less costly to run. Our new large format printers use an aqueous based latex ink which is far better for the environment, rather than the solvent inks used by many of our competitors. If you are concerned about the environment, help us help you provide an eco-friendly option on your next printing or signage job.

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