Terms & Conditions

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Validity. All quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation and are subject to change thereafter.

Acceptance of Quotation. Upon acceptance of the quotation, the client enters into a contract of sale, and agrees to all associated terms and conditions (as outlined in this document).

Quality. Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd will provide a quotation based on the highest quality materials and workmanship. At client’s request, we can offer less expensive options where available, however the client should be aware that quality may be affected.

Undisclosed information. All quotations are made in good faith on the information supplied. We reserve the right to notify and charge additional costs to the client if the information supplied is incorrect or unobtainable at time of quoting.

Quotation Variations. Product details will be displayed on your quotation. Your signed acceptance of the quotation is based on the understanding that changes to the quantities, product specifications and/or finalised artwork proofs will incur additional costs.

Additional extras. Extras such as laminating and anti-graffiti coating are not automatically included in quotations. They can be included at the client’s request, and when included will be specifically mentioned in the detail of the quotation.

Artwork Specifications

Print Readiness. Finished artwork is to be supplied in print-ready EPS or PDF format, with all fonts converted to outlines. Clients providing artwork in any format other than this will be charged an additional fee.


Print Readiness. No charges are incurred if artwork files are supplied in acceptable print ready format. Please ensure your file format is correct.

Licensing. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain all necessary rights and licences required to reproduce logos or artwork not created by Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd.

Loss of Artwork. All artwork provided to us must be a copy of your original. We accept no responsibility for the loss of original artwork files provided to us.

Charges. Our experienced art department is able to assist you with the setup and/or design of your product. Fees for this service are charged at a fixed or hourly rate depending on the project. This information will be specified on your quote.

Proofing. When proofing artwork electronically, colours seen onscreen should not be considered a 100% accurate representation of the final printed product. Accurate full colour printed proofs are available upon request at a nominal fee. It is also the responsibility of the client to double check that all information and details displayed in the artwork are correct. The cost of alteration and reprinting will be charged to the client.

Artwork Variations. Your signed acceptance of the quotation is based on the understanding that variations to the finalised artwork proof will incur additional costs. These costs will be based upon the quantity and complexity of the changes.

Colour Matching Wide Format Printing only. For specific colour matching or use of a specific PMS colour an additional fee of $35.00 will be charged. Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd. provides a selection of common colours only and purchasers should be aware they may vary slightly depending on the type of material used.

Copyright ©. Any artwork provided to a client remains the property of Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd until payment in full has been received. Digital or physical reproduction of said artwork without written permission (for purposes other than proofing) is not permitted and is an infringement of copyright law.

Site Surveys

Pre-Quote Site Survey. Some projects may require a pre-quote Site Survey to be completed. This will provide Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd with the necessary information to accurately provide a full quotation. In this situation, the client will be charged a set fee to cover the costs of completing the Site Survey.

Accuracy of Measurements. Where Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd staff have completed the site survey and taken specific measurements, Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd Printing will assume responsibility for the accuracy of the measurements. Conversely, where measurements provided to us by the client are found to be inaccurate, any additional charges associated with re-printing / re-installation will be passed onto the client.

Printing and Production

Substrate and Fixing Methods. Where requested (and quoted) we will endeavour to provide the most appropriate fixing method for signage. However, Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility in situations where signage is installed by others.

Production & Installation Time

Variations. Production and installation times will be advised on your quotation as they do vary depending on the individual job/ product/ order specifications. Although every effort is made to meet the agreed deadline, we cannot take responsibility for factors outside our control (such as weather, other contractors, suppliers).

Councils, Committees, Engineers and Bodies Corporate

Approvals. It is the responsibility of the client to gain approval from councils, committees, engineers or bodies corporate regarding the installation of signage. Any project requiring digging into the ground requires the client to use the ‘Dial Before You Dig’ service. However, we are happy to work with clients to ensure a smooth process and to achieve the desired result.

Fees. Payment of any fees incurred from council, committees, engineers or body corporate during the sign installation process will be the responsibility of the client.

Specifications. If there are restrictions and/or regulations pertaining to your project (e.g. specific colours, sizes required by a governing body), details must be supplied to us prior to the commencement of the project. Although our staff will be able to provide assistance regarding these matters, it is ultimately the responsibility of the client to undertake such research and ensure all aspects of the artwork are approved prior to production. If the required information is not provided, Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd will take no responsibility for the cost of alteration or re-production. These costs will be charged to the client.

Additional Charges

Electrical work. We are happy to organise any electrical work that is required to complete the sign installation project, however the cost for such electrical work will be charged to the client.

Rock Clause. In projects where sign installation requires digging into the ground, and rock is found to be present, additional costs to continue digging or drilling will be charged to the client.

After hours charge. Some projects may require sign installation outside of working hours (due to access issues or council requirements). In this situation, an additional charge to cover staff wages etc will need to be applied.

Payment Terms

Cash payment of 50% Deposit required on order with 50% balance on completion. Unless you have an authorised trading account with Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd.

Where goods are to be delivered to the client’s premises, payment must be received prior to the release of goods. The following payment options are available:

  • Direct Deposit (Bank details are provided on invoice or on request; Remittance Advice must be provided)
  • Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa only; Payments can be made over the phone)

Where goods are to be picked up from Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd, payment must be made at, or prior to, time of collection. The following payment options are available:

  • Cash
  • Cheque (Subject to prior approval)
  • Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa only; Payment can be made over the phone)
  • Debit Card/EFTPOS
  • Direct Deposit (Bank details are provided on invoice or on request; Remittance Advice must be provided)


Clients are able to request to pay on account terms by completing an Account Application form. Clients will continue with COD payments until the appropriate checks can be made, and the account status is granted. Accounts may be issued with 7 day, 14, 21 or 30 day terms. Invoices will be emailed (unless otherwise requested) to the Contact person listed on the Account Application form. Payment of accounts is due on, or before, the due date stated on the invoice.

The following payment options are available to account holders:

  • Direct Deposit (Bank details are provided on invoice; Remittance Advice must be provided)
  • Cheque (Subject to prior approval)
  • Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa only)
  • Debit Card/EFTPOS

Late payment

If a client defaults without communication to the Accounts Department or Directors of Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd the account holder agrees to undertake a late payment fee of 4.5% per month on any outstanding amounts. If invoice or account is still outstanding after 90 days, it will be forwarded to our solicitor for legal action and all costs incurred by Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd, including legal fees, will be payable by the client.

Ownership of Property

Ownership. All goods will remain the property of Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd until such time that all associated costs are paid in full. All artwork proofs submitted to the client for approval remain the property of Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd All original artwork, designs and layouts are owned by Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd

Refunds and Warranties

Returns. Returns will only be accepted if goods are not supplied as per order or at an unreasonable quality. Returns/Claims must be reported in writing within 7 days of pickup/delivery, and no claims will be accepted after this time, unless otherwise stated. Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd aims to provide our customers with the highest quality service combined with the ideal product to suit your specific needs. If you do have a returns enquiry, please call us to discuss the available options.

General Warranty. Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd will provide a one (1) year limited warranty to the original purchaser covering defects in materials and workmanship. Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd must be notified in writing within one (1) year of the delivery date. Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd will determine if the product is faulty. Warranty does not cover vandalism, misuse and alterations made by the customer. Warranty is limited to the cost of the product only.

Vehicle Signage Warranty. For this warranty to be valid for vehicle signage, client must return the signed vehicle for a check-up within 2 weeks of delivery date.


The client agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd, its owners, directors and employees against any action, and must pay the amount of all losses, liabilities, costs (including legal costs) expenses and damages incurred or arising in connection with: incorrect information used on any product designed or supplied to Bayfield Printing Pty Ltd

Trademark infringements

Any act or omission of the client, its staff, advisors or contractors and any claim brought by any person in relation to such act or omission.

Terms and Conditions are correct at time of publication (1/2/17).

Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]